Campus Cruisers

Campus Cruisers AssociationCampus Cruisers is a national college, university, trade school student association that ties students of all majors to career paths in the automotive and motorsport industries. Christi Edelbrock is currently a member of the board of advisors and mentor college students that are interested in a career in the aftermarket industry.

Campus Cruisers is a dynamic nationwide student development association program that connects you to the inner core of the automotive and motorsports industries.

Think career opportunity, fun, excitement, open door to the industry!

Campus Cruisers is a national college, university, trade school student association which ties students of all majors to career path building, entertainment, and knowledge exchanging specific to the automotive and motorsports industries. Structured with multi-core objectives, Campus Cruisers is the connector, the ongoing introduction, the pathway to the inner drivers of opportunity within this robust and exciting career opportunity. Simply put, it connects the dots to opening your door to the industry. One might ask questions such as,

“I’m on campus looking out to the world of opportunity and wanting the world to come to me. What steps do I take?”

“The automotive and motorsports industries are huge, how can I connect to the inner core?”

“I want more than being a campus club member, how can I be heard and seen in such a robust industry?”

“I need the edge in a niche industry. Where can I fit and how do I get there? How do I get heard?”

The Campus Cruisers Association offers automotive and motorsports-minded students of any major, nationwide, an operating pathway to connect students. This is accomplished via industry leaders from manufacturing, education, logistics, and entertainment. The overall ‘guidance’ model consists of people who have experienced the avenues of business and development within the automotive and motorsports industries.

The Campus Cruiser Leadership Profile

An association requires a broadcasted leadership profile. Within the leadership ranks of the Campus Cruisers Association is a Who’s Who of industry leaders including the board of directors.

Leadership includes the former and current SEMA Chairman of the Board elect, SEMA’s multi-Ambassador of the Year, chair of the Automotive Education Alliance, Director of the Cal State International Motorsports Alliance, the vice-president/general manager of the NHRA five-time world champion top fuel dragster program, the president of the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, and the list goes on.

Additional outreach within these industries is delivered to you by pro-education business leaders directly connected with the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) – a global association of 6,500+ companies. With a committed 1,000+ companies offering their open door to students nationwide, the Find It Fast & Easy component to the open door is tremendous. Add SEMA’s Young Executive Network (YEN – 600+ companies) and SEMA Businesswoman’s Network (SBN – 250+ companies) and the mentor model gets robust FAST.

Plus, the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, with their 70,000 members further extends the network along with direct connects with racing sanctions such as NASCAR, IndyCar, along with other national and regional motorsports connectors.